Chimicolor Chemical Industry


Products Chemical Base Principal uses
Viscogel 31/7 Organic and inorganics Water based wall paints
Viscogel UHP High viscosity CMC High solid wall paints
VIscogel 62/4 Synthetic Copolymer Higt gloss paints
Viscogel 477 Polyacrylic resin Wall plastics
Marylon MHP-Cellulose General purposes
Viscosil BW Inorganic compound Antisetting and rheological modifier
Viscosil 4/63 Organic compound Antisetting and rheological modifier
Viscosil 629 Modified smectite clay Antisetting and rheological modifier
Defoamer NS Condensed Alcohols General purposes
Defoamer S 51 Silicones Emulsion High quality general purposes
Defoamer E Esteryfied fatty acids emulsion Plastics and High solid wall paints
Defoamer A Esteryfied fatty acids emulsion High quality for wall paints
Defoamer 333 Active substances compound High quality general purposes
Antal PL Fatty alcohols ester Emulsion paints
Antal C 77 Anionic surfactants Concentrate pastes
Antal OT Anionic surfactants Concentrate pastes
Antal AP Detergents blend General purpose
Antal NF Non-ionic surfactants Concentrate pastes
Deflon N Polyacrylate - Sodium salt Plasters and wall paints
Deflon A Polyacrylate - Ammonium salt High gloss paints
Deflon T Polyacrylate - Modified Na salt Plasters and copncentrate pastes
Deflon 23/6 Acrylic copolymer Concentrated pastes
Warer repellent
Chimiplast CS Organic polymers Plasters
Resinal BS Silicone resin Water stop
Resinal HB Silicone resin Water stop
Paracide TA Blend of biocides General purpose
Paracide BT Blend of biocides In-can preservatives

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